My Resume

This isn’t a formal resume, nor is it intended as one. I will provide one on request when I am available for hire. See “Availability” below for details.

Value Proposition

I’m not a rock star, a ninja, or a 10x developer. I’m the guy they all depend on. I’m the guy who makes your MVP most valuable by doing the boring or dirty work they lack the time or inclination to do themselves.

What I Do

I’m a jack of all trades, and a master of a few. My strongest skills are C#, .NET, SQL Server, but I can do just about anything you might need a developer to do. I can even wear the DBA or system administrator hats if you don’t have specialists handy. I pick up new languages, frameworks, and technologies as needed while familiarizing myself with your existing code base.

I run OpenBSD at home. 1998 was my Year of the Linux Desktop. I build my own websites using customized shell scripts with hand-crafted HTML and CSS. I’ve whipped up PowerShell scripts. I’ve salvaged data from ancient SCO Unix systems for conversion. I’ve reverse-engineered complex COBOL programs and re-implemented their business logic using modern tools.

Young hotshots think “full stack” is something to aspire to. I call it a reasonable start.

Here’s Where I’ve Worked

What I Want

I’m looking for a salary of at least $80,000 with health, dental, and vision insurance and at least four weeks of paid leave for permanent positions, or an hourly wage of at least $50 with guaranteed time-and-a-half for overtime on contract jobs between three and twelve months in duration.

I’m based in central Pennsylvania. I can work on-site, but I prefer remote positions.

What I Don’t Want

Do not contact me about projects related to defense, law enforcement, surveillance, or advertising.


I am not available for new projects at the moment. Please do not contact me.