Recruiting Policy

I already have a job; tech recruiters may deal with me on my terms or not at all.

In the hope of saving myself some time by saving tech recruiters time, I’ve created this page. If you’re looking to hire people, please read it before contacting me. I have a resume of sorts available via LinkedIn but if you want to reach me you’re going to have to use plain old-fashioned email.


I currently have a salaried position at one of the USA’s Big 4 consulting firms. My current gross salary is approximately $96,0001 plus health/vision/dental insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and a 401(k). I am sufficiently content with my current position that going through the hassle of tech interviewing isn’t worthwhile to me.


Please provide all details about the job you’re trying to fill up front:

When cold emailing me please include the URL of this policy and a brief answer to the following question as a Turing test: “Do tech recruiters possess the Buddha nature?”

Contact Me If…

Do Not Contact Me If…

My Strengths

My Weaknesses

  1. Anybody who objects to me disclosing my salary should take it up with Uncle Sam. My right to do so is protected under Federal law.↩︎

  2. I have come to regard “culture fit” as a form of legal discrimination and a bullshit excuse. I can adapt to a new corporate culture almost as easily as I can pick up new technologies.↩︎

  3. I haven’t touched that language since 2009, and Microsoft stopped supporting it in 2008, ten years after its release. I can cope with VB.NET, but I prefer C#; I have an irrational fondness for curly braces because C was my first language.↩︎