Fuck Off, Google

There’s nothing wrong with Google that can’t be fixed by dissolving the corporation’s charter and prosecuting its management under criminal antitrust statutes. (Not civil antitrust; civil antitrust is weaksauce.)

I didn‘t always hold this opinion, but the more I learn about how Google does business the less I like them. As a result I’ve decided that I will no longer allow Google or other large corporate-owned platforms to crawl my site. Crawlers named in my robots.txt only get access to /index.html from now on. In addition, I’ll be blocking these sites from starbreaker.org the next time I update it.

Admittedly this might affect my “reputation”, but anybody who doesn’t want to hire me because of something I wrote 20 years ago showing up in a Google search isn’t worth my time anyway. I’m tired of providing content to corporate platforms that don’t pay me.

You should still be able to find me using the Mojeek search engine as well as DuckDuckGo, though if you’re reading this you’ve already found me.


Why do this? Perhaps the closest thing I have to a halfway decent excuse is a vague sense of middle-aged male rebelliousness. I think Google has too much power, and while there’s little I can do about it, denying Google access to the majority of my website is something I can do.

Perhaps there is also a chilling effect on self-expression online that comes from Google having access to your entire online presence? Is the web truly a dark forest where having too noticeable a presence can be dangerous? I don’t know.

I do know that I refuse to be driven off the internet entirely. I will speak my mind here, at my own expense. It doesn’t cost that much in terms of dollars. Nor does it necessarily cost me anything to let corporate search engines crawl my site. Nevertheless, I remain unwilling to do so. The internet should be for humans, not machines. It should be for individuals, not corporations. It should never have been commercialized to the extent that it has been.

So my refusal to allow Google to index most of my site is my little bit of slactivism.

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