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a full-stack thaumaturge's book of shadows


I'm a science fantasy author and a full-stack thaumaturge. My novels
include WITHOUT BLOODSHED and SILENT CLARION. I build web and cloud
applications at my day job. I run GNU/Linux and BSD on my personal
computers. Heavy metal saved my life.


I write fiction as an escape from my day job and a way to keep a sense
of balance between the techical/analytic/logical and the artistic
aspects of my life. It was also less likely to annoy the neighbors
than trying to compose rock operas in an apartment. Most of my fiction
is part of my Starbreaker saga, a collection of scifi/heavy metal

Though I don't share my fiction on this site, here's a brief summary.

Date        Length     Title

2009-05-19  novel      Starbreaker¹
2012-11-22  novelette  Steadfast²
2013-10-07  short      "The Milgram Battery"²
2013-11-05  short      "Tattoo Vampire"²
2013-11-17  novel      Without Bloodshed²
2014-12-24  short      "The Holiday Rush"²
2015-01-01  short      "Limited Liability"²
2016-10-17  novel      Silent Clarion²
2018-09-30  short      "Thirteen Cuts"
2020-12-17  novel      When You Don't See Me³

¹ trunk novel
² published by Curiosity Quills Press but now out of print
³ stalled work in progress


This is the short version. I've omitted the name of my current
employer for discretion's sake.

Tenure     Company

2015-      a large US consultancy firm
2011-2015  TEKsystems 	                  
2010-2011  Computer Aid, Inc.            
2009-2010  Conduit Internet Technologies 
2000-2009  Quality Data Service, Inc. 	  

Note to tech recruiters: I'm not looking for work. Please don't
contact me.


You can also find me at .