I built this with Emacs, shell scripts, a makefile, and heavy fucking metal.

This is a personal website cobbled together from shell scripts, a makefile, pandoc, and other free software. It started as a shinobi website, but I’ve switched to using pblog by Bradley Taunt.

Hosting comes courtesy of, and the git repository is available from Soucehut.

All of my posts are also available in plain text in a zip archive for convenient offline reading in a terminal.

Standards Compliance is valid…

Accessibility should be accessibile to users of assistive technology, with the following caveats:

Clubs is, has been, or could be a member of the following “clubs”:


Why doesn’t this site work in IE?

Microsoft doesn’t pay me to support IE. It’s time you got a real web browser.

How do you test this site?

I use Safari and Firefox for testing; the latter because it has the WAVE Accessibility extension. If you use assistive technology like screen readers, this site should work for you.

Why does your RSS feed look like a regular web page?

That’s by design. If you view the feed’s source you’ll see that I reference a file called rss.xsl. That’s a XML stylesheet that lets your browser render the feed as HTML on the fly.

Why is the font so small?

I have it set to “medium”, which you can see if you take a look at my stylesheet. By default that’s 16 pixels. If you need larger type, you should be able to change your brower’s settings or use a zoom function. If you can’t do either, you might want to switch to a browser that wasn’t developed by authoritarians.

What if I find something you posted here offensive?

Then don’t read it.