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Tanya Gough

I met Ms. Gough at the 2018 World Fantasy Convention, after she and another author had been kind enough to ask if their conversation was disturbing me. Of course, they had to ask me three times because I had headphones on. Later, Ms. Gough was kind enough to tell me about her latest project, StoryBilder, a new platform for building novels from first idea to final draft.

Hi, I’m Tanya. I’m an experienced, multi-disciplinary content and social media strategist and manager. I’m here to help.

I live at the corner of story and data. To me, stories are bits of information organized in a compelling way. Likewise, data tells a story, if you know how to read it.

I tell stories through content and social media. I tell the fiction sort of stories, too. Data informs the structure of the stories I tell, often through information architecture, content management and analytics.