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Castlevania, Season 2

Dracula’s lack of interest in the implementation details of his objective to purge the world of humanity is every manager and CEO ever. “Don’t bother me with the details. Just get it done.”

Never mind that this purge was his idea.

Never mind that this purge would reduce vampires across the world to subsisting on the blood of cattle, swine, and Republicans unless they defied Dracula’s commands and maintained human populations.

Never mind that in Season 1 Dracula just wanted to drive humanity out of Wallachia.

And above all, never mind that Dracula must have known what superstitious, ignorant human beings are like – especially when led by a power-hungry priest. He left his wife without protection, giving her knowledge and technology that the people around her didn’t understand. What did Drac expect to happen?

And to top it off, he delegates the extinction of humanity to a couple of misanthropes who, frankly, aren’t completely on board with the idea.

I know Warren Ellis wrote this, and there was only so much he could do with Konami’s material (half of which came from Francis Ford Coppola rather than directly from Stoker), but seriously? This show doesn’t withstand any sort of scrutiny. It’s best watched stoned – though it’s fun to watch Sypha wrangle Trevor and Alucard.