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Megadeth: Countdown to Extinction (1992)

Megadeth’s 1992 epic, Countdown to Extinction, was one of the first honest-to-Satan heavy metal albums I bought as a teenager just getting into music on my own (rather than listening to my Dad’s music because it was handy or settling for what was on the radio).

It’s also an inspirational album. Songs like “Symphony of Destruction”, “Architecture of Aggression”, and “Foreclosure of a Dream” got me interested in politics from a liberal/left viewpoint, the title track was a gut punch ecology lesson, and “Psychotron” eventually led to the development of one of the major characters in my Starbreaker stories:

Maybe not a mutant
But maybe… a man?

Part bionic
and organic
Not a cyborg
Call him “psychotron”

– “Psychotron”, lyrics by Dave Mustaine

Of course, Morgan Armitage isn’t “impervious to damage”. But man, can he take a beating.

Cover for 'Countdown to Extinction'