a full-stack thaumaturge who builds cathedrals on quicksand with blueprints sketched on bar napkins

photo of Matthew Graybosch by Catherine Gatt stylized with AnimeGAN

I'm a self-taught software developer and sysadmin from New York, currently based in Central Pennsylvania. I call myself a full-stack thaumaturge because I have at least a little skill in the development of every part of an application and thaumaturge is an old word that used to mean wonder worker or miracle worker. I talk about building cathedrals on quicksand with blueprints sketched on bar napkins because I have built complex systems atop constantly shifting foundations with requirements so vague they might as well not exist — and still managed to make everything work.

I am not passionate about tech. I got into tech because it paid better than being a supermarket janitor. Nonetheless, I take pride in doing good, solid work on time and within budget while using the right tools for the job at hand. I put myself through all this so that I can afford to write sci-fi novels in my leisure time, because I have always worked to live rather than living to work.

When not working at my day job or writing, I build my own websites. I also maintain a website for my wife, Catherine Gatt. When building my own websites I tend to favor static sites with minimal CSS and no JavaScript to keep things simple, secure, and accessible.

Contact Info

You can reach me by email.

You will not find me on Facebook or any other social media platform. I offer no apology for any resulting inconvenience; for me, my own health and happiness come first.


I am not currently looking for work. However, I am willing to read a sufficiently interesting pitch should it meet the requirements outlined below.


If you are a recruiter, please do not contact me unless you are prepared to tell me up front who you represent and how much they are prepared to pay for my services.

I will not consider positions paying less than $131,072 in base salary, and I insist on researching firms before I agree to begin the interviewing process. Furthermore, I will only consider 100% remote positions at firms not currently subject to US sanctions.

These requirements are non-negotiable. Since I already have a solid job, you will deal with me on my terms or not at all.


This is a brief history of my professional experience as a developer. For discretion's sake and my own safety, I never name my current employer unless I'm interviewing for a new position.

Tenure Employer
current one of the Big 4 consulting firms
a full-stack/devops generalist using Microsoft tech, Amazon cloud, Oracle, MySQL, Node.js, and React
2011-2015 TEKsystems
a full-stack developer using Microsoft tech
2010-2011 Computer Aid, Inc.
a full-stack developer using Microsoft tech
2009-2010 Conduit Internet Technologies
a full-stack developer using Microsoft tech, the LAMP stack, and JavaScript
2000-2009 Quality Data Service, Inc.
a desktop app developer using Microsoft tech

Skills & Tools

HTML, CSS, JS, C#, Ruby, Python, SQL, PHP, React, .NET Core, GNU/Linux, BSD, shell scripting, Emacs, vi, AWS, Docker, GIMP, pandoc


In the spirit of maintaining a Jeffersonian wall of separation between work and the rest of my life, my fiction and other interests now reside on a different website. Find it if you can.

Privacy Policy

No Ads. Ever.

This is a personal website, not a billboard, and I will never host third-party advertising of any kind. I can afford to operate my website at my own expense because I damn well listened when people told me not to quit my day job.

No Tracking. No Analytics. Ever.

I don't use any tracking or analytics on this website. If you want me to know you've been by, you can email me. Otherwise it's none of my business.


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