Matthew Graybosch
Fullstack Thaumaturge

I'm a self-taught software developer and sysadmin from New York exiled to the wilds of central Pennsylvania. I build cathedrals on quicksand from blueprints scribbled on bar napkins, and more often than not the result works.

I'm also an out-of-print science fiction author and a long-haired metalhead.

This is my personal website. It's a place for me to let my hair down, shed my "professional" persona, and speak my mind. It isn't necessarily safe for work, and it certainly isn't suitable for children. Read at your own risk.

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You should not expect to find me active on social media. Nor do I bother with newsletters.



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Starbreaker (1996-2021)
my previously published fiction
Limyaael's Rants: How Not to Write
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public git repository for this website
a website for my science fantasy writing
a website I made for my wife
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Extreme Hypertext Movement for Luddites
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best motherfucking website
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not part of the community, but I like the idea
Web3 is Going Just Great
not sure if Molly White's journalism is comic or tragic