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This Is My Personal Website
“Build Your Own Platform,” They Said, So I Did

Welcome to my digital garden. I party like it’s 1999 over here: no blog, no RSS feed, and no social media. If you want updates, bookmark this page and visit every once in a while.

Any opinions I post are my own.
I don’t represent my employers or their clients.

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photo of the author by Catherine Gatt

I’m a New Yorker in exile, a Gen X slacker, a college dropout, a long-haired metalhead, a science fantasy author, and a full-stack thaumaturge. At my day job I’m a self-taught software developer, sysadmin, and database administrator. I can do a little of everything, and I do back-end programming particularly well. I’m not a polymath, though. I’m just a working-class schmuck with delusions of erudition who got hit hard enough with the autism stick to complicate my life, but not quite hard enough to get diagnosed as a kid in the 1980s.

I’m also the author of a few novels and short stories, including Without Bloodshed, Silent Clarion, “The Milgram Battery”, and “Limited Liability”. If you like Michael Moorcock, Roger Zelazny, C. J. Cherryh, and C. L. Moore you might like my stuff. Likewise if you played Final Fantasy or Shin Megami Tensei, or listen to 70s and 80s prog rock and heavy metal. They’re out of print because the publisher went out of business, but I’ll probably have them on my website soon and might serialize them here.

When I’m online I let my hair down and throw aside the masks I wear to get along in a society that wasn’t made for neurodiverse men like me who don’t quite conform to their gender role. I’m not for everybody. That used to bother me, but I’ve gotten more comfortable with it over time. I tend to be bitter, cynical, and often sarcastic. I’m not fun at parties; I’m the designated driver.

Privacy Policy

I don’t collect any data. There are no analytics or cookies. This site doesn’t even use JavaScript or advanced HTML5 features like canvas or local storage. However, you should be aware that my host logs visitors by IP address, browser, operating system, and pages visited.

Advertising Policy

There is no advertising here. This is a personal website, not a billboard, and I run it at my own expense since I have a day job.

Contact Info

If you want to get in touch, please email

Stuff I Wrote

Essays, rants, stories, etc — all written to scratch an itch. Maybe they’ll scratch yours, too.

Growing On Substack Like a Boil On Its Ass

I started a newsletter on Substack today. It’s called “Matthew Graybosch has a POSSE”. I don’t think it’ll get as big as Andre the Giant’s. I created a newsletter with this name because I like the notion of the IndieWeb. I can’t be bothered to do all of the work required to have a full-on IndieWeb site unless I’m getting paid, but publishing on my own sites and syndicating elsewhere doesn’t seem that hard.

Mail from SEO Spammers

I hate getting email from SEO spammers, but it’s a self-inflicted First World problem. This is what I get for having a website in the first place. They’re just trying to make a living, after all. Nevertheless, I don’t feel obligated to refrain from playing with them a little. I’ll be documenting amusing or egregious examples here.

Hearing Rainfall

I can’t speak for anybody else, but remote work since March 2020 has been good for me. I haven’t spent as much money on gasoline, fast food, snacks, or soft drinks. I’ve lost almost a hundred pounds. I’ve improved my diet. I get more exercise. I sleep better. I’m still productive at my day job. Why would I give up a good thing?

I Voted By Mail in 2020

I just got back from dropping off my 2020 election ballot in the neighborhood postbox. While I’m not convinced voting actually helps make things better for working-class people like me, I did it anyway because I might be wrong.

I Want My BSD!

I’m a novelist you probably haven’t read, I code for a living (using mainly Microsoft tech, for my sins), and I’ve been running OpenBSD on my personal computers since 2017. If you’re familiar with the various BSD operating systems you might raise an eyebrow at my choice, since OpenBSD is the preferred OS of security-conscious system administrators.

Limited Liability: a Starbreaker story

Michael Chapman is about to launch the biggest venture of his life. Whether he succeeds or fails, the consequences will be earth-shattering, but there’s one person would rather not see the earth shattered…

The Milgram Battery: a Starbreaker story

Before Morgan Cooper can take his oath as an Adversary sworn to uphold individual rights, he must face a final ordeal: a nightmare sequenced from his own memories and the obedience experiments of Stanley Milgram.

Just Married

I married Catherine Gatt today. Looks like I get at shot at happily ever after after all. I had my doubts until the day, but I don’t regret it.


I have a newsletter now. Sign up if you don’t get enough spam.


I used to get these a lot.

Why does a nobody like you have a website?
I built it myself.
Is it hard to build a website?
I don’t think so. Email me if you want help.
Why aren’t you on social media?
I’m not into parasocial relationships.
What’s your position on ${ISSUE}?
If I have something to say about a particular issue, I’ll write about it on my website. If I haven’t, it’s probably because I have yet to do the necessary work to have an opinion for various reasons.
Why aren’t you on YouTube?
I have a face made for podcasting.
Why don’t you have a podcast?
I have a voice made for print.
I want to sign up for your newsletter.
Did you miss the signup form above?
How can I support you?
Thanks, but that’s what day jobs are for.
Don’t you want to quit your day job?
Not at the expense of monetizing my joy.
What if I buy your book on Amazon?
I’d rather you didn’t since I won’t get paid, but I can’t stop you.
What if I think your writing sucks?
Then you got what you paid for.
Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?
He built my hotrod.
Who are you, really?
I’m the final boss of the internet, and this isn’t even my true form.
Are you serious?
Of course not. This is the internet; it’s no place for serious business.
Is this the end of your website?
It is for now. Thanks for visiting. Come again soon.