RE: The Box of Doom

commentary on Krad’s zine, The Box of Doom

Mon, 4 Apr 2022

Holy shit, Krad fucking nails it in their new zine, The Box of Doom. I totally agree with all of this; it’s why I refuse to give a single little fucking shit about your identity politics. Yes, I see color. But if you aren’t more than your color, or your gender, or your nationality, or your religion, or your class, then what are you? If you are nothing but your identities, are you even a human being? Or are you nothing but a miserable little pile of labels?

On a related note, “No Lives Matter” by Body Count digs into this a bit.

We say that “Black Lives Matter”
Well truthfully they really never have
No one ever really gave a fuck
Just read your bullshit history books
But honestly it ain’t just black
It’s yellow, it’s brown, it’s red
It’s anyone who ain’t got cash
Poor whites that they call trash

They can’t, fuck with us
Once they realize we’re all on the same side
They can’t, split us up
And let them prosper off the divide

Don’t fall for the bait and switch
Racism is real, but not it
They fuck whoever can’t fight back
But now we gotta change all that
The people have had enough
Right now, it’s them against us
This shit is ugly to the core
When it comes to the poor
No lives matter

Here’s the thing: I can pass for a straight white neurotypical cisgender heterosexual Christian man. I’m not any of these things, but you do not necessarily see any of that; I have learned that flying false colors means smoother sailing.

Flying my true colors where I live still isn’t safe. I still occasionally get hassled by people merely for having long hair. One would argue that I should “be authentic” (at least, somebody else’s idea of authentic) for the sake of those who cannot pass, but I regard people who make this argument as people who don’t see me as a person with my own needs, desires, and concerns. Such people see me as nothing but a means to their ends.

I face enough exploitation at my day job. Why should I tolerate more for your idea of a good cause? You’re no friend of mine, you’re not on my side, and I need not ask what you’ve done for me lately. If I ever strike my false colors, it will not be to fly your rainbow flag.

the Jolly Roger flown by Calico Jack

When I am finally ready to live my truth in public, I will live it under Jolly Roger.