Little Changes

after inspiring more changes in Bradley Taunt’s pblog I made further tweaks for my own use

Wed, 27 Jul 2022

First, I’d like to thank Bradley Taunt for mentioning me in his latest update for pblog. He’s made some changes to his script that will make building a bit easier, but I’m taking things further still.

All of these changes will allow me to make a more complex website than the straightforward blog pblog was designed to create. For example, if I wanted to create a microblog for heavy metal videos with its own RSS feed, that’s going to be a lot easier.

Also, this site now has a full-text post index. It will eventually exceed one megabyte in size, and if I keep writing enough posts it might even exceed ten megabytes, but it’s just HTML so it should compress nicely. Still, if you’re on a crappy connection you might want to stick to the regular index.