Fitness Progress

Tue, 7 Jun 2022

One of the perks of my membership at Crunch Fitness is that I can get my body scanned periodically. This lets me guage my progress in a more granular fashion than merely jumping on a scale, since it not only gets my weight but also calculates bodyfat percentages, fat mass vs non-fat mass, and various circumferences.

I was first scanned on April 27, and got another scan this morning. While my weight has gone from 267lbs to 270, my bodyfat percentage went down from 37.4% to 35%. Fat mass is down to 93.5lbs from 99.9lbs. Fat-free mass is up to 173.5lbs from 167.1lbs.

Better still, I’ve lost an inch or so off of my waist. I’m gaining a little more muscle definition, to the point where my wife and some of her friends have noticed a change. The trainer I’ve been working with is also pleased with my effort and progress. However, I still have a lot of work to do if I want to get my body fat percentage under 20%.

However, I don’t mind the work. It’s tough, but I’m doing it and I’m going to keep doing it. It beats the shit out of grinding a MMORPG; I’m changing numbers in the real world instead of imaginary numbers. It’s also better than my day job because there’s no ambiguity. I can either lift the weight or I can’t. And if I can’t lift it, I ease off by 5-10lbs, lift that, and then lift more next time.

I’m nowhere near as fit as many of the people I see working out, but they’ve been at it longer than I have. I’ll get there eventually, and just showing up 3-5 days a week and doing the work means I’m doing better than a lot of people my age. I’m already getting stronger.

Need to hit the barbells tomorrow, and see if I can improve on my weights:

That’s 215lbs total; I still have a lot of work to do before I can claim membership in the 1,000 pound club.