The Cancellation of Emily Wilder by the Cowardly Associated Press

I love the smells of conservative hypocrisy and butthurt in the morning.

Sat, 22 May 2021

The Associated Press’ firing of Emily Wilder proves that conservatives are abject hypocrites when it comes to “cancel culture”. They’re absolutely fine with pressuring corporations to fire people who say things that offend them.

But $DEITY forbid that a conservative lose their job for saying offensive shit online.

Here’s an idea: maybe employers should be forced to accept that people have lives outside of work, and that what people do off the job is none of their business! Especially when it predates their employment, as was Wilder’s case.

Before joining the AP, Wilder was an active member of pro-Palestinian groups at her college. She was a proponent of Palestinian human rights and a critic of the Israeli government.

Last week, during the height of the recent war between Israel and the Palestinians, the Stanford College Republicans group called out Wilder for her tweets. Soon after, the AP fired Wilder — a unanimous decision among some senior managers at the AP, Carovillano said.

Yeah, I know that what you say outside of work might “affect your employer’s brand”, but why should that be your problem? Why should any of us after to censor ourselves or circumcise our souls just to have a job?

This is what we get for listening to right-wing union-busting propaganda. If we still had strong unions that would demand due process for workers, it would be harder to “cancel” people just because they said something that got a bunch of self-righteous assholes’ panties in a twist.

Social media must be destroyed. Also, fuck the Stanford College Republicans. They obviously weren’t bullied enough in grammar school.