About My Ad Blocker

It’s your fault I block ads. You chose to use adtech, and adtech is malware.

Tue, 29 Mar 2022

I keep getting popups that say “we need to talk” about my ad blocker. This is bullshit because there is no “we” here. The fact that I chose to visit your website doesn’t make you and me a “we”. At least not enough of a “we” for me to value your opinion about my use of ad blockers.

Therefore, we don’t actually need to talk about my ad blocker. I already know what you want — for me to disable my ad blocker — and it isn’t going to happen.

Yes, I know. You depend on ad revenue to meet payroll or to pay your operating expenses. That is not my problem. Get a better business model or get the fuck off of the internet. Advertising is a 20th century business model and it only worked for television and print media. It has never worked on the internet and it never will because people know they have the right to ignore or block ads, even if they don’t have the tools or knowledge to do so. Nobody wants ads. Nobody likes them. Nobody wants to hear about your partners’ products.

And, no, I’m not a hypocrite because I have my own website. I don’t run ads. Hell, I don’t even solicit or accept donations. I pay my hosting and domain registration bills out of my salary from my day job.

When you stop using adtech I will consider turning off my ad blocker. But as long as every ad you try to serve uses cookies and javascript to target and track me, I will treat your ads as malware and block them without remorse as a matter of self-defense. I never fuck strangers without a condom, and I never visit other people’s websites without an ad blocker.

You don’t have my best interests in mind; thus your interests are no concern of mine. If you can’t find a way to make money on the internet that doesn’t violate other people’s privacy or compromise their security you need to get the hell off of the net. You don’t belong here, you aren’t welcome, and you overestimate the value of your “news” and opinion, both of which are nothing but propaganda.